Lydia’s Birth Story Part 1

July 6th 3 AM I wake up suddenly from a deep sleep. I felt something funny when I

turned over, I go to the restroom very sleepy and I feel it again. I’m thinking to myself

weird and ew she must be pushing her little feet into my bladder? I shake it off and go

to get back in bed or not.. Again I feel it, at this point I am getting a little concerned

something may be wrong. I tell Nic in a calm voice “I think my water broke .”. He replies

by jumping out of bed asking me “are you sure you didn’t pee your pants?” We both

pause and realize my pants are a funny color. By now we are both wondering what in

the world is going on. Nic is insisting we now go in however me knowing it was not time

was trying to avoid it as long as I could and to keep the idea going of the wetting the

bed. I had an idea I would call the on call Dr in labor and delivery and explain to him

what was going on and he would tell me the baby kicked my bladder and the funny

color was from my vitamins or asparagus or something. His phone rings and I get his

voicemail so I leave a brief message and expect him to call me in the next few hours.

Wrong he calls back within a few minutes and tells me the opposite of what I knew he

was going to tell me ” it definitely sounds like your water broke and we need you to

come in right now if your water is green that means your baby has meconium .” For

those of you who do not know what that means it means that she had a BM inside of

me. I hang up in disbelief . We were to ready, SHE was not ready, our bags are not

packed her nursery is not done my freezer meals weren’t this is not real. I go

brush my teeth and clip my nails..yes I did. I had never felt so panicked yet so calm at

the same time it was the strangest feeling. It was like I was trying to avoid what was

happening all I was thinking was I am sure the Dr is wrong but if I am going to be

meeting my Daughter I need well-groomed nails I can’t have germy long nails when I

hold her. Nic pulls me out of the bathroom and asks me what we need to pack and I tell

him a tiny list of things that included the camera, socks, the toiletries I did have ready

and that’s it. I couldn’t think clear enough to tell him the things I knew we were

missing .

On the way to the hospital Nic held my hand tightly and we drove safely not like you

see in movies we weren’t speeding or blowing stop signs. We didn’t talk much, I think

both of our minds were going 100000 miles an hour. I was wondering if I would get to

bring her home with me or if she would need to stay . I tried my best to keep that out of

my head but it kept creeping back into my thoughts. Nic kept telling me she was going

to be fine and not to worry.. When does a man telling a woman not to worry ever


We arrive and as soon as we are walking up to the door I felt my water break more and

I knew that this was the real deal we would see our sweet angels face within the next

few hours. There was no more denying that.

Hello October..

Hey October I have missed you. October is my favorite month by far, who doesn’t love pumpkins? Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pies, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin carving, pumpkin candles, white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, pumpkin decor. OKAY okay enough with all the pumpkins. October is the perfect time of the year for cuddling up in a warm blanket to watch movies with your loved ones too ,I could go on and on but i will stop I’m sure you get the point.. We have been thinking of a Halloween tradition we could start with Liddy. That was always one of my favorite things about growing up, all of the family traditions we did with my parents and grandparents!  How lucky am I to have my own daughter to enjoy these moments with? I feel so blessed, now to come up with the perfect tradition of our own.. To celebrate the first day of October I am officially publishing my blog! I also spent most of my time today in the kitchen cooking and baking up the perfect dishes for this season.  Chicken fajita bake, I thought this would be a good idea because number one because the oven is on number two it has nice colors that remind me of fall! For dessert I whipped up some pumpkin creme cheese cinnamon rolls.. yes, yes they are as delicious as the sound. Don’t fret I will be listing the recipes for both of these, you will find them on my recipe page.  Now time to turn the computer off, enjoy my vanilla chia tea, hold my sweet daughter and turn off the lights.. I do need my beauty rest.  Good night and happy October 1rst. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Part Time Employee Full Time Mama

I went to bed happy last night and woke up even happier because today I started my part time shift which means that I get to stay home with my little bean for most of the day. The choice to go part time was a very easy decision for Nic and I. Sure we are having to make some sacrifices however we would rather make them then have someone else raising our daughter full time.  I can’t handle the thought of a babysitter seeing her take her first steps or hearing her first word.  These are such precious moments to me, don’t  get me wrong where would we be without babysitters?  No date nights, no time for mama’s to get out of the house, for those women who choose or have to work babysitters are a gift from God, for us this is just the best thing.  Lydia is still going to a sitter who is great! We really like her and we know she is really good with Lydia but isn’t it so funny when you do go to work how you really don’t stop being a mom?  When I am at work all i think about is Lydia.. how is she doing. Has she had a belly ache today.  Is she eating her full bottle. Is she smiling.  Is she fussing.  I can’t wait to hold her.  She needs a bath tonight. Those are just some of my thoughts as I am working through my shift. Part time employee FULL time mama.